About Us

Who We Are

QCT is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chapman Cubine + Hussey (CCAH), a full-service direct marketing firm serving global nonprofit and other organizations. CCAH is a leader in the direct marketing industry, offering award-winning innovations in direct mail, telemarketing, online and mobile integration. 

Across its 25 years of existence, CCAH’s seasoned personnel have delivered impressive results for some of the largest and most recognized nonprofit and other organizations worldwide. While not every organization has the resources to engage CCAH as an agency, every organization can benefit from the production knowledge and experience CCAH staff have accrued over the years. Moreover, every nonprofit and other organizations can achieve real cost savings from their expert guidance.

Thus, QCT was born. Q stands for quality. C stands for costs. T stands for time. We are a full-service production company dedicated to identifying creative ways to save our customers money and increase their impact, while delivering high-quality print and digital direct marketing campaigns. Our expert staff members wear two hats to deliver the very best in direct marketing to nonprofits and other organizations of every size and need.

Our Mission

Our mission is to meet your print and digital production needs in the most cost-effective way possible without sacrificing either quality or timeliness. To guarantee success, QCT offers you a staff with 100 years’ combined experience and gives you access to our considerable buying power and resources.  At your discretion, we can work seamlessly with your existing partners, including your creative team, or use our business relationships to deliver top-notch print and digital packages.

From the offline production perspective, our goal is to increase your net bottom line through cost-savings on printing and mailing your direct marketing pieces. Our team can find immediate ways to lower costs on any production project regardless of your current volume or mailing practices. Analyzing postage practices, updating your data files and negotiating better printing contracts are just a few ways in which QCT can beat your current budget.

On the digital side of the QCT house, we focus on expanding the bandwidth of your online activities. Everybody thinks online outreach is easily accomplished by asking an intern or new hire to send emails to everyone in your database. Successful email fundraising is far more complex, involving nuances that most nonprofits and other organizations, especially smaller ones, don’t have the background or bandwidth to incorporate. By making QCT an extension of your team, our skillsets become yours, making possible what might have once seemed impossible for your organization.

Our Expertise

QCT has worked with nonprofit and other organizations of every size and budget locally, regionally and nationally. While our specialty is advocacy-driven nonprofit organizations, QCT also counts many environmental and animal welfare organizations among our client base. So, whether your needs are print or digital, small volumes or large, simple projects or complex, QCT has the background and expertise to provide you the services you need.

Here are some examples of the results QCT has obtained for organizations just like yours:

  • One client’s annual direct mail program budget was $15.519 million. Implementing QCT’s recommendations – and leveraging its business relationships – resulted in expenditures of only $12.820 million for the year. About $2.7 million went unspent and could be added to the nonprofit’s net bottom line.  Moreover, the QCT team’s expertise enabled the client to mail 279,182 more pieces than originally planned and benefit from $175,000 in vendor rebates.

  • Over a 3-year period, QCT experts negotiated $670,000 in savings for one nonprofit, even as postage and paper costs soared. By separating projects into component parts and negotiating better letter shop terms, QCT achieved a 20 percent savings overall.

  • QCT saved one human rights organization $431,090 on its direct mail campaigns. Notably, QCT worked with the same packages as prior consultants had, but our experts purchased components differently.  In addition, the nonprofit received $40,000 in vendor rebates.

Our Approach

We are committed to getting your job done right and meeting or exceeding your expectations. Our offline production buyers know what questions to ask when evaluating a client project. If something doesn’t look right, we will question it. We also offer recommendations based on our years of experience. Our partners, too, will do everything possible to assure the utmost quality of your end-product.

Plus, we understand how production works. Many nonprofits and other organizations, especially smaller ones, work with one printing company exclusively. That company rarely, if ever, has the in-house capability to handle every aspect of the job and ends up subcontracting to other firms. By the time you receive your invoice, it could reflect three or more markups. At QCT, we assure that every component of your job is performed by the appropriate vendor, with no subcontracting involved. And, because of our volume buying power, these expert services are procured at the lowest discounted price we can obtain.

Our digital team knows technology and keeps abreast of emerging techniques. We understand how to code and send your digital messages so that they not only reach their intended recipient but also render properly regardless of browser or computer. QCT is adept at working with outside designers’ creations and staying true to them by working the code so they render well in inboxes and on browsers. 

In fact, QCT is leading the way in innovation in the nonprofit world and others by leveraging our relationships with partners like Amazon and Google, which daily revolutionize digital practice in the commercial world. These relationships give us an edge over the everyday person – and even many digital fundraisers at nonprofits and other organizations. Plus, as specialists, we devote a lot of time and effort to stay on top of digital trends. In this way, we can help our clients stay ahead of the curve – or be on the forefront, if they are so inclined.