Production Challenges

The rationale for print and digital mailings used to be, “You can have it cheap, you can have it on time or you can have a good quality. Pick two.” Today, companies want all three.

QCT is a full-service production company that draws on the expertise of a highly experienced staff and their industry connections to deliver all three to our customers. Our slogan – “Top Quality. Best Costs. Always on Time.” – captures the ideal toward which QCT strives on every project.

We know that challenges can sometimes arise in the production process. At QCT, we will overcome any challenge and deliver high-quality print and digital mailings on-time and under budget.


Quality assurance is paramount to us. Whether it’s an offline or digital project, multiple steps are taken to ensure that every output meets our rigid standards. From the offline standpoint, we use a comprehensive quality control checklist to evaluate all of the artwork and other print materials produced. Not one, but two staff members independently complete this checklist to confirm adherence to our quality assurance standards. Then and only then do we grant internal project approval and allow client review.

Our digital team utilizes online tools to confirm that email campaigns and landing pages will reach their intended audiences and properly render on smartphone, tablet and desktop devices. The digital team also employs an extensive quality control checklist, and multiple staff members conduct quality assurance tests to evaluate the look and the feel of email marketing campaigns and landing pages before the client approves the project.


There are two certainties when it comes to direct mail: the cost of paper and the postage rate will continue to increase. At QCT, we see it as our responsibility to offset these costs as much as possible for our clients’ benefit. So, we start by reviewing the budget to determine how we can come in under it.

Many organizations don’t understand the production process and don’t recognize that oftentimes their supplier does not have the in-house capabilities to perform every function required. So, that supplier will subcontract portions of the project to one or more other service providers.  Subcontracting results in higher costs, due to subcontractor markups.

What sets our offline production department apart from other companies is our expertise. We understand every constituent element leading to the production of a successful direct mail campaign, and we know which suppliers to approach for specific components. Our offline production department typically saves clients between 25 and 40 percent on every project.

When it comes to digital content, clients see the benefits of partnering with the QCT digital team once a campaign is complete. The advantage is apparent in the form of increased revenue. However, organizations that previously handled their online campaigns in house will incur a cost increase because they are now paying QCT to design and implement its online campaigns.


One of the biggest challenges we face as a production company is time. QCT knows the importance of distributing our clients’ products as soon as possible. In most cases, it takes our offline production department two to three weeks to complete a direct mail project. Most organizations want to slash that time in half, so we do our best to produce high-quality products on an expedited basis.

The concept of time is different for the QCT digital team. Because the digital team is performing tasks previously handled in house, clients gain time to focus on core mission-related tasks. Plus, the digital team can keep your organization ahead of the curve when it comes to breaking news. Websites and social media websites can be updated right away. An email campaign can be developed and distributed immediately, too. QCT allows you to respond promptly to a major event, allowing your organization to “own” the moment.

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Our analytical systems and testing philosophies set us apart from our competition. We work with each of our clients to develop a testing agenda that will provide them with the greatest benefits and best results.

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